Water Events

Oct 19-20, 2017.  APEGBC’s 2017 Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting.  
Posted: 2017-04-26

Water Publications


Tschaplinski PJ, and R.G. Pike. Carnation Creek watershed experiment—long-term responses of coho salmon populations to historic forest practices. Ecohydrol. 2017;10:e1812.

Winkler R, D. Spittlehouse, and S. Boon. Streamflow response to clear-cut logging on British Columbia's Okanagan Plateau. Ecohydrol. 2017;10:e1836.

Perry TD, Jones JA. Summer streamflow deficits from regenerating Douglas-fir forest in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Ecohydrol. 2017;10:e1790.

Wei, M, K. Rathfelder and J. Turner.  2016.  WSS 2016-01. Determining the Likelihood of Hydraulic Connection - Guidance for Determining the Effect of Diversion of Groundwater on Specific Streams.

Rathfelder, K.  2016.  WSS 2016-09. Modelling Tools for Estimating Effects of Groundwater Pumping on Surface Waters

Rathfelder, K. and A. Baye.  2016.  WSS 2016-02. Screening Tool for Guiding Short-Term Groundwater Curtailment during Water Scarcity

Posted: 2017-04-26
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