3rd Annual Vancouver Island Symposium on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate: Climate Change, Collaboration and Landscape Restoration


DATE: April 22-24, 2020

LOCATION: City of Courtenay

PLACE: The Filberg Centre

REGISTRATION LINK: https://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/event/2020/Comox-Valley-Water-Stewardship-Symposium

LINK TO PROGRAM BROCHURE:  https://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/local_content/event_docs/7359/Comox%20Valley%202020_program%20brochure_Nov-2019.pdf

The rhythms of water have changed faster than climate scientists had anticipated: winters are warmer and wetter; summers are longer and drier; and extreme floods, droughts and forest fires are occurring more frequently. Adapting to this ‘new reality’ requires fundamental changes in how we value nature and service land. In the built environment, strive to reconnect hydrology and ecology.

This symposium is part of an ongoing series that highlights the power of collaboration between local governments, elected leaders and local stewardship and conservation groups. This collaboration is essential to mobilize and respond effectively to the impacts of climate change and to reconnect hydrology and ecology. The series is a building blocks process. Each event builds on the last and points the way to the next. The symposium format provides a neutral forum to 'convene for action' to improve where we live.