Summary of the Forests and Water Workshop

Julia Jones, Russell Smith, Georg Jost, Rita Winkler, Dave Spittlehouse, Natasha Neumann, Rich McCleary, Antonio del Campo, Adam Wei, Yi Wang, Maria Gonzalez-Sanchis, Alberto Garcia-Prats, Inmaculada Bautista, Dave Wilford, Cam Brown, Krysta Giles-Hansen, Kelly Sherman, Harold Waters, Doug Lewis, Eric Valdal, Renee Clark, Glynnis Horel, Suzan Lapp


With population growth, climate change, and increasing forest disturbance, understanding the complex relationships between forests and water is key to sustaining future forest resources, aquatic habitat, and water supplies. Research into forest and water interactions continues to expand our understanding of ecohydrological processes and our ability to assess the hazards associated with natural and human-related forest disturbances.




Forest management; Forest plantations; Raven framework; Groundwater; Water Sustainability Act; Forest hydrology; LiDAR;

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