Confluence: Journal of Watershed Science and Management is an open access science journal that aims to increase knowledge and awareness of watershed science and how it applies to management throughout the Pacific Northwest. All Confluence articles undergo technical peer review to ensure accuracy and relevancy to audiences interested in watershed management. The journal’s goal is to publish articles that will provide access to relevant, cutting edge information in a format that is easy to ready, reliable, and objective. Confluence is intended not only for the scientific community and water professionals, but for resource managers, government staff, stewardship groups, and other interested individuals who may not normally seek their information from journals.

A key feature of Confluence is a preference for short (1500–2000 word) applied science articles that demonstrate how scientific learnings can be applied to water resources management. Types of articles accepted for Confluence include standard science manuscripts, applied “How to” articles, brief literature reviews, conference/ workshop summaries, and other extension-based articles. The focus of Confluence is on the extension of Watershed Management science primarily in Western North America, but submissions from other areas are most certainly welcomed.

Disclaimer: All articles published in Confluence are technically reviewed to ensure that we extend reliable and technically sounds content to our readers. All content published in Confluence is intended to provide general information and should not be relied upon as legal advice or legal opinion. The information and opinions expressed in Confluence are those of the respective authors and the editors and publisher do not warrant their accuracy or reliability and expressly disclaims any liability in relation there to.