2022 CWRA  Annual Conference Call for Papers


A friendly reminder that the deadline for abstract submission for the 2022 CWRA  annual conference is Friday, February 4th. Full submission details found here at https://conference.cwra.org/program/abstracts/

In conjunction with the conference, North American Stream Hydrographers (NASH) is planning to host a flow regatta at the Marmot Creek Research Basin in Kananaskis on Sunday June 5th. Shout out to the University of Saskatchewan, Coldwater Institute, for providing the hosting location for this event. This regatta encourages the investigation, evaluation, and implementation of new techniques and methodologies for hydrometric data. Those interested in participating and demonstrating their equipment are encouraged to contact me as I'll be the main point of contact for the event. Confirmed hosts and vendors include Hoskin Scientific, Fathom Scientific, and Geo-Scientific.

Furthermore, we are planning an "Intro to Hydrometric Monitoring" training workshop on Saturday, June 4th highlighting hydrometric station installations, conducting flow measurements, and providing data peer reviewing and grading.

So lasso those colleagues to submit their abstracts to the NASH session and get ready for the NASH workshops. Further registration details are coming for the workshops.

As always please share with your colleagues new and old and those interested in the advancement of hydrometric data. 

NOTE: NASH (North American Stream Hydrographers) 2022 is planning to propose an update to our bylaws as we look into a formal affiliation with CWRA and the creation of new positions within our executive committee to include a vice-president and director of communications to help facilitate our Mission " to better the understanding of the collection, compilation, and use of hydrometric data, along with providing assurance that data production and analysis have been undertaken with appropriate methods with due care to needs of clients and users of hydrometric data."